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- By Dr. Dov Blum-Yazdi -

Leelah - Play for Itself


"Leelah - Play for Itself" is a drama therapy model based on a framework within a story that was inspired by the game Dungeons and Dragons and the Greek Polis. The play story creates a workspace that is entirely in a playful being. The process takes place with the help of a free role-playing game from a joining guidance position while emphasizing the healing and autonomous value of the play. The therapeutic approach that the model offers is devoid of interventions and interpretations. The therapist's role is to hold a healing space, while the player's part is to create it.

Let us play


The word Leelah is taken from the Sanskrit language संस्कृतम् and means that the world is in constant cyclical creation, stemming from the gods game. This concept refers to William Shakespeare in a monologue from the comedy "As You Like It"written "All the world a stage" and we are his actors. Thus, the Leelah draws its knowledge from the ancient tribal rituals belonging to a primeval stream of tradition. This therapy connects to natural cycles. It believes that the ability for healing is in the player's hands. The role of the shaman is to help the player extract the knowledge that already exists in him and help him find his way on his own.

Leelah at:

University of Crete

AEON - Athens

 C.A.T.S. Malta

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