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Let us play & breath

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"Breathe and Play" is a unique experiential seminar, weaves play with breath and breath with play. Breathing allows for convergence and inward focus on the self. Play allows for outgoing and interacting with the other. The seminar aims to enable a harmonious dialogue between inside and outside, between the unique self and the environment.

We are both expert therapists in our field, and together we will lead

- Dov Blum-Yazdi: Drama Therapist Founder of the Leelah Play 

- Dubi Bachur: one of the leaders in the soma breathing technique





Following collaborations, we have discovered that breathing, i.e., the encounter with the inner self, supports the play; And the game, i.e., the meeting with the other, supports the breath. The lab we created revealed a surprising connection between two opposites.


The soma is experiential, guided breathing accompanied by music. The combination of guided imagery during breathing allows for a connection to the play sessions at Leelah. It is a light breath built in a way that is also suitable for those burdened and deterred by breathing exercises.

With Leelah, we work through role-playing. We will deepen the role and follow its development throughout the seminar. We will play the role in the town and meet it within the Soma; While the play story builts by itself. Leelah is suitable for those deterred by acting and who have no experience in the field.

The seminary is built gradually, over a developmental axis, created by gradual transitions from the soma to the night and vice versa. Throughout the two days, we will deepen the processes that will take place and examine them from different angles and by various means. The combination between inside and outside,  breathing-play, reveals additional layers with ourselves in a social context. The connection and renewed encounter with ourselves in a public context creates joy, enriches, and allows for a new perspective, a different and refreshing observation of myself and my environment.

The seminar atmosphere is supportive, friendly, and pleasant
Beit Zayed
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The seminar will take place in a pastoral forest 

Including a heated and spacious yurt, kitchen, toilet, shady and pleasant grove

Let us play & breath

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